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CCTV Surveillance Systems


• IP based surveillance cameras.
• Day/Night, PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)
• Advanced Video Monitoring Software .
• Network Video Recorders with built in storage
(NVR) Video Recording and Storage.
• Video Analytics Software
• Consulting Services, Site Survey and Designing
Surveillance Solutions and policies.
• Installation & Maintenance
• Solutions From Axis, D-link, Cisco.

Home Alarm System

Home Alarm System is a unique electronic security system that provides you multiple layers of protection.A smart way to safeguard one's home, Zicom introduces its Home Alarm System. Armed with one of the most sophisticated technologies and a user-friendly application, this device is a deterrent to any attempts of break-in to one's house.

Security is an aspect of concern for all to ensure protection of self and family members, property, offices, and livestock etc. Use of security cameras is considered as best way of deterring the criminals from causing harm to you or your property.

PCs are used primarily for process control and/or data acquisition. In some cases, an industrial PC is simply used as a front-end to another control computer.

Our nationally accredited team has a proven reputation of managing CCTV systems, cases of anti-social behaviour, fly-tipping and theft, as well as providing support and aftercare to victims or witnesses

Computer networking can be considered a branch of electrical engineering, telecommunications, computer science, information technology or computer engineering, since it relies upon the theoretical and practical application of the related disciplines.

Customers trust us to deliver technology solutions that help them do and achieve more, whether they're at home, work, school or anywhere in their world.