CCTV Surveillance System, IP Based Surveillance Cameras, Solar Hot Water, Mumbai, India
fbg_img Networking Solutions

We offer future-ready networking solutions that improves network performance and minimise data center costs. Our customer-driven networking solutions with secure backup make your office more efficient.

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fbg_img Solar lighting system

Solar energy is proven and outperforming technology. This is the cheapest and most-efficient way to go solar for homes.This system also comes with battery to save solar electricity for later use.

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fbg_img CCTV Camera

• IP based surveillance cameras. • Day/Night, PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) • Advanced Video Monitoring Software • Network Video Recorders with built in storage (NVR) Video Recording and Storage.

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Technology can make life easier. The amount of memory and power that can be carried around in a pocket matches what use to fit into an entire room just a few decades back. Learning the different tools and how to make the most of them will allow you to put technology to work for you, your business and your success. The key to using technology is to balance the cost verses the benefits. Most of the advances of today can do something for a small business or for individuals, but sometimes the cost associated are better used for other needs. Look at what is saved in time or effort when putting the new technology into service.